Our Services

Pavement Services, Inc. focuses exclusively on providing pavement engineering services—field, laboratory, design, forensic analysis, and pavement management—to our public and private sector clients. We add value to project teams by offering unparalleled pavement engineering capability in the support of roadway, airport, and industrial pavement systems. We have the experience and desire to seek out innovative pavement solutions that improve public safety, save taxpayer dollars, and protect the natural environment. The following are just some of the specific services that we offer in support of our clients’ projects.

Pavement Design

We develop innovative and cost-effective strategies for providing rut-resistant and crack-resistant ­ pavements for all pavement systems including airport, marine and roadway facilities. Our approach is to exploit recent advances in pavement technology and design methods to provide durable and sustainable pavement solutions to support our clients at the lowest life-cycle cost for many years to come.

Pavement Evaluation

We develop an understanding of the existing structural and functional condition of pavement systems to develop cost-effective rehabilitation and preservation strategies that work for the long term. We evaluate existing pavement and subgrade soils using state-of-the-art nondestructive deflection testing methods coupled with traditional pavement coring and laboratory testing. Our pavement engineers conduct a forward-looking traffic analysis to understand the demands on the pavement structure for several decades. We then synthesize the available information to develop several alternative rehabilitation design concepts for long-life pavement systems.

Pavement Management

Our pavement management expertise includes database implementation of PAVER and StreetSaver pavement management systems, pavement condition index (PCI) surveys, geographical information system (GIS) mapping, and maintenance & repair prioritization. We have worked extensively with agencies of all sizes to optimize project planning and achieve long-term solutions at the lowest life-cycle cost.

Our engineers are experienced with the two primary pavement management software programs used by public agencies worldwide—PAVER and StreetSaver. We have implemented the software for numerous agencies, primarily cities, counties, and airports. In addition, we are listed as a qualified consulting partner to support StreetSaver.

Pavement Testing

We offer a wide array of pavement testing services in support of our clients projects, including:

We use our Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) to conduct nondestructive testing and assess the structural properties of pavements. Our KUAB 2m Model 150 FWD fully complies with ASTM D 4694, FAA AC 150/5370-11B and is annually "reference calibrated" at an FHWA FWD Calibration Center. This device is a highway to airfield weight FWD capable of generating impulse loads in the range of 7,000 to 32,000 lbs. The load impulse is generated by a two mass/two buffer falling weight system and is applied to the pavement surface through a 4-part segmented plate designed to apply uniform surface pressure distribution despite irregularities in the pavement surface. Pavement deflections are measured by 8 seismometers (absolute deflection sensors) with a measurement range of up to 200 mils. The FWD is equipped with video cameras for positioning of the load plate near PCC joints and a submeter TrimbleTM GPS receiver with on-board GPS display for navigation and real-time display of recorded test locations.

We are equipped with an eight-inch diameter capacity electric core drill that can be mounted on our FWD or used independently. Related equipment includes a 6 KW portable generator, demolition/compaction hammer and a wet-dry vacuum system.

We have a dynamic cone penetrometer (DCP) device that complies with ASTM 6951, which we have used since 1991 for in situ measurement of CBR strength.

Our Portland laboratory is equipped with soils and pavement testing equipment that allows us to self-perform a number of tests including: CBR, Proctor, Atterberg limits, mechanical gradation, and triaxial resilient modulus of soils and unbound aggregates.

PSI owns and operates the Findlay Irvine GripTester for evaluation of surface friction deterioration of runway and roadway pavements and for identifying appropriate corrective actions required for safe operations.

Construction Support

We provide construction support to keep projects on track through observation and monitoring to ensure compliance with plans and specifications.